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World Championships 2017 Men’s FP - Yuzuru Hanyu

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223.20 (New FS record)
Total 321.59

Congratulations Yuzuru!

You are a legend, you have no word to describe it more perfectly. New record score; For people like you the sky is the limit.
Today as always we almost die from the heart, but everything is worth when we see the smile of champion of Yuzuru.
At times like this I would like to be in a TV series where I could materialize in the countries where Yuzuru competes.
As this is not possible I was happy to have the World Cup broadcast by the main television station here in Brazil, a sign that skating is gaining strength in the country of football.
The praises to Yuzuru in Portuguese, Japanese, English, Russian, Chinese were unanimous: perfect, great, invensible, incredible ...
The consensus among commentators, athletes and fans is that Yuzuru is the super star of skating, the icon of his era.
I am very grateful and happy to be part of a generation that can admire Yuzuru Hanyu as an athlete and as a person.
Now let's go to the Olympics!
 Yuzuru Hanyu, reaction after his WR & World Championships winning FS || 2017 


Yuzu’ range of expressions after winning ft. Boyang and Shoma.

Yuzuru and Javier 


Yuzuru Hanyu has broken a World Record every year since he was only 17 years old. He now has a total of 11 World Records under his belt. (source: shiki-k.tumblr.)

17Y - SA and NHK (SP)

18Y - GPF (SP)

19Y - Olympic (SP)

20Y - NHK (SP/FS/Total)

21Y - GPF (SP/FS/Total)

22Y - Worlds (FS)

Source Photos: teambrorser.tumblr., shooksquad.tumblr., @LaLiga4Sports, flyingyuzu.tumblr.,

Source Videos: Darren Tan, kiches 1 e 2, Skating ISU

Source GIF: jardinaquatique.tumblr, tanakakeiji.tumblr., jannymedvedev.tumblr.

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