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Yuzuru Hanyu - Ator

160429 殿、被災地支援&メイキングNEWS 6 por YzRIKO

The making of “Tono Risoku de Gozaru” with a message from Yuzuru Hanyu at the very end.
Source: yuzusorbet.tumblr
Translated excerpts:
00:46 I was nervous. I was nervous but I’m not an actor, so I just thought I’d have fun doing this and this is the first time I’ve come to a Studio Park so I thought I’d enjoy this experience too.
01:05 And memorizing your lines?
01:06 I have memorized my lines and have memorized how I need to move. However, I’ll probably make mistakes because I’m nervous. But I’ve calculated the possibility of making these mistakes in terms of executing my performance. (laughs) I don’t think this can be helped.
01:20 How do you plan to portray this character?
01:30 Having read the script, the protagonist is stately and dignified. I’m going to try to convey a little bit of the dignity and majesty (威厳) he exudes. There are also things that only I can express through acting too. I am going to focus on the contrast between the protagonist and me. The protagonist will make his entrance in a lordly majestic manner befitting him, but he will also apologize and ask them not to close the brewery (giving them a name?). So he goes from entering the area in a majestic way to feeling apologetic and does something for them. I hope I will be able to convey this.
02:33 Is this the first time you’re going to meet the leading actors?
02:33 This is the first time. Yes. I don’t really have much opportunities to meet actors or other people in show business. This will be fun…or rather, I’m nervous!
02:48 It’s a pretty star-studded cast. I guess you have to be careful not to be overawed by them.
02:53 I’m going to try to control it so that I am overawed by them in a good/positive way and use this to help myself perform. Right now my primary focus is to do my best so that I’m not a liability in the process of making this film.
03:06 Thank you. Let us continue after you have changed into your costume.
03:18 This is embarrassing. I’m embarrassed.
03:22 Aren’t you used to being filmed?
03:24 I don’t think so. (laughs) I’m nervous.
03:29 [rehearsal of scene, which is also the 1st time the cast sees Yuzuru]
04:06  Male Voice: Let me introduce to you, the person who is going to play Date Shigemura –- Yuzuru Hanyu. Yoroshiku onegai-itashimasu!
04:18 Yuzuru: I’m sorry (I wasn’t very good).
04:20 Director: You all didn’t react to the entrance of Shigemura in the correct way!
Actor: We were smiling too much.
Yuzuru: I could see you all smiling.
Q: What is your first impression of him?
Director: He’s better than I thought. I didn’t think he’d be such a perfect fit. I’m surprised.
Abe Sadao: He’s good. He’s got the aura of a Lord…or should I say he’s beautiful? I’m impressed. Is it because he’s an athlete? I can really see that he wants to improve and do it better. He’s amazing. I’m impressed.
Satoshi Tsumabuki: I was really surprised. But he’s the kind of person who makes you feel happy just by seeing him, no matter who you are. He said he’s never acted before, but he seemed like a confident and dignified Lord. He was wonderful. People who become No. 1 in the world (in any field) are different aren’t they? We chatted backstage as well. I wanted to have a photograph taken with him. (laughs) I asked him if we could do this like a regular person (regular person versus actor)…(laughs)
Yuzuru: My brain is experiencing an overload…
Yuzuru: I would like to thank everyone and the staff for putting-up with me over many hours. We did so many takes. I will continue to do what I do best and I also hope the cast of this film will continue to prosper. I’ll be looking forward to seeing this film. I wish you all - good health. Thank you very much!
Q. This is the first time you’ve acted and the first time you’ve acted in a historical piece. Tell me about this.
Yuzuru: I was very nervous. There was no choreography (sometimes) and I had to think about how to move. Also coordinating my movements as I said my lines was extremely difficult. And us skaters usually don’t express things with words, so this was very difficult for me.
Q. Earlier you said that you were very nervous about having to act in front of these veteran actors.
Yuzuru: Yes. I was nervous the entire time and my heart couldn’t keep beating rapidly, so it calmed down half-way through. But in the beginning, I was so nervous I couldn’t say my lines properly and even though I memorized them very well, it was hard to say my lines in this environment. I was unable to capture the atmosphere of the scene and was just reciting my lines. I am feeling now that I should have prepared more for this. I could have tried a little harder and done better.
09:30 Were you able to pay attention to the details that you set out to pay attention to?
Yuzuru: I failed. It was difficult. But after my initial nervousness dissipated somewhat, toward the end of the shoot, I was able to think about what I wanted to do while I acted more. I hope the audience can see the difference.
10:00 What did you talk about with the actors?
10:11 Yuzuru: They told me that there was no need to be nervous. But if you are nervous that’s OK. Nervousness can translate into film in a good way too. They were reassuring.
10:22 What score would you give yourself out of a 100 points?
Yuzuru:  20 points. (laughs)  I need to apologize to the audience about this, but this really was the first time I have acted in a film and I was nervous among other things. Especially when I made my entrance, my nervousness was overwhelming. I was able to act better toward the end of the shoot, but I have a lot to learn before I can act properly.
10:51 There is a rumour that you will be a figure skater and actor?
Yuzuru: Absolutely not. Please don’t worry. I’m not going to do that. It was a wonderful and valuable experience to be able to experience being an actor. I’m going to use this experience to enhance my artistry when I skate. Perhaps I will be able to play roles like this in my competitive programs as well as those for the exhibition.
Yuzuru: I really tried to do my best. I hope I was able to communicate my feelings to you. It would be great if even a modicum of what I wanted to express comes across to you all. The cast is star-studded. I hope you enjoy the film!
-translated by Ayako Nakamura in YH Int’l Fan Group;  thanks to YzRIKO for the video.

Source photos: Sportymags.tumblr

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