terça-feira, 11 de abril de 2017

Interview with Yuzuru upon return to Japan from Worlds (4 April 2017)

Good and long translation HERE done by twitter.com/cantilover (much thanks!)

Note: "kuyashii" is a Japanese word meaning feelings of regret and frustration.

(Yuzu’s hair was so weird at first, then it’s like someone finally noticed it, and after a commercial break, it was back to his normal style. xD  I wonder what the programme’s hairstylist was doing….)
Source:  yuzusorbet.tumbr.

170404 W生出演で本音直撃 por YzRIKO


Source GIF: jardinaquatique.tumblr.
Source Video: モリロザリー,  YzRIKO

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