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YUZU DAYS - Interview on P&G ((May 2016)

Yuzuru’s words in P&G article (2 May 2016):

For competitions and times like that, I often use hairstyling products to fix my hair so that it does not get too messy. Because of that, I choose a shampoo that washes away the styling products without making my hair feel rough. Styling products also cause hair to be more easily damaged, so I use a conditioner as well. Figure skating is a sport where we are looked at from head to toe, including our hairstyle, so I do pay attention to haircare.

When I was a young child, I copied the hairstyle of Evgeni Plushenko whom I admire and I had a round mushroom cut. I started using Pantene from about that time and I remember the suds were really nice and my hair felt very smooth after that.  I can feel that it has evolved from that long time ago, but the nice feeling of a good wash is still the same. The styling products are all cleanly washed off and I like the smooth feeling of my hair even with just shampoo alone.

 From a long time back, the bathroom of the Hanyu home always had Pantene. When we all use the same shampoo, after a bath, we all have the same scent. That gives me a feeling of the bonds of family. Even now when I go back home, there is Pantene in the bathroom, and I feel very much the sense of closeness and familiarity.

-translated by Angelic Yuzuru; source: myrepi.com

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