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P&G Product Special Interview (April 2017)

(This month’s P&G interview with Yuzuru is a product promotion.  But it’s still interesting, so I translated part of it.)

“I am rather sensitive to smells. When I travel, there are times when I am bothered by the smell of the room, so recently I have been bringing along a room fragrance spray and eye masks with a nice smell. I like calming scents like lavender and chamomile. Being surrounded by a nice scent before sleeping, I can relax and the quality of sleep is also improved. Sleep is ‘maintenance time’ for healing body and mind. It is very important to restore the mood/feeling, so scents help with that.”

“When I participate in ice shows, I am very much indebted to ‘Febreze’. (laughs) The temperature at ice show venues are set higher than at competitions, so that customers do not have to protect themselves from the cold and it would be more comfortable for them. But it is hard for the performers as we perspire a lot more compared to competitions.
Our costumes are delicate and need to be hand washed, but sometimes there are 2 shows in one day and there is not enough time (for washing and drying). At those times, I will spray Febreze, 'shu’, directly on the costume. It can remove smells and germs. Plus, it has a nice fragrance, so I can go for the next show with a good feeling.”

Source: P&G, myrepi.com
Translate by: yuzusorbet.tumblr.

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