domingo, 21 de maio de 2017

World Championships 2017 - Podium / Ceremonies

2017.04.01 Helsinki WC men victory ceremony  (x) (x)


Gifts from Yuzuru

Fancam of Yuzuru’s victory interview and men’s medal ceremony  part 1 e 2.

 mishage8 Yuzu-Kun asked me to post this to the Japanese fans through my Instagram, with words “its not a selfie” during Award Ceremony He took #YuzuKun (x)


Fancam small ceremonies xx

  Yuzuru Hanyu on skatingfinland snapchat  | 20170402 (x)

 Source Photos: teambrorser.tumblr., shoma-uno.tumblr., figureskatinglove.tumblr., allyuzurustuff.tumblr., yrkinoko.tumblr., yuzuruspoohsan.tumblr.

Source Videos: Skating ISU, Kiches, bismarckenterprise.tumblr.Yuzu Gold, Nico Ichi

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