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                                   Yuzuru Hanyu and Emma Walker Crictet Club 25/07/2017

Estamos num período que temos poucas noticias de Yuzru, ter fotos novas  e saber que ele está  Canadá treinando é reconfortante e animador.
Vou aproveitar esse período para recomendar um blog sobre patinação e  é claro sobre Yuzru e para mostrar como esse blog é interessante vou publicar uma parte  de um post que vocês poderão ler por inteiro no próprio blog.
Além do texto voces vão amar as fotos, são lindas.
Beijos no coração.

Yuzuru Hanyu: Yuzu Photography

I recently read a bunch of translated tweets on twitter that were quotes from sports photographers about their experiences photographing Yuzu.  So, I thought I would write a quick blog entry about my thoughts and experience on photographing Yuzu from an amateurs perspective who is enjoying this newfound hobby!

My first time seeing Yuzu skate live was the 2015 Autumn Classic.  I was so excited about this experience that I never even considered trying to take pictures, with the exception of a few with my cell phone.  I didn’t take my eyes off Yuzu the entire time as you can read during my first account of seeing Yuzu here.  (x)

At that point I was so mesmerized that I could not possibly imagine how to concentrate on watching Yuzu and do anything else at the same time.

The next event that both Yuzu and I were at was 2015 Skate Canada in Lethbridge.  For this event, I asked a family member to come along with me (with good camera gear) and take some quick shots if possible.  Success.  We got some cool photos while still being able to enjoy every moment Yuzu was on the ice. 

I mean seriously, how often have you seen Yuzu trying to do a cantilever?  Such a thrill!

Leiam o posto completo em SportyMags.

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