segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2016

Messagem de Yuzuru

This is a recorded voice message from Yuzu at the FaOI Kobe shows this weekend). Some fans were so moved to hear his voice, they cried.
He said, "Konnichiwa, I am Yuzuru Hanyu. I tried hard to recover from my injury so that I can do the later FaOI shows in Kobe and Nagano but it is longer than I thought, and it's a pity I could not do the shows. I am working hard so that I can show my 'genki' (healthy/energetic) self to all of you as soon as possible."

2016 FaOI in KOBE YuzuruHANYU message por yuzupino

Tradução por Angelica Yuzu - Yuzuru Hanyu International Fan Group 

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