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From the prologue of ‘Aoi Honō II’, Scene 0:

Because of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011, 16 year-old Yuzuru Hanyu lost his home rink. That year, in the off-season of summer, he travelled all over the country to do ice shows. He was very thankful that he could borrow the rinks. He wanted to express his gratitude for being able to skate, and so, even for ice shows, he did quad jumps and put his full effort into revealing competition programmes.

“I participated in various ice shows, and from there, I received many letters. There were too many and I could not finish reading. After Japan nationals, I had time and so I read all of them and wrote replies. Among those letters, there were some from Iwaki and Fukushima, and also from places like Ofunato on the coast of Iwate prefecture and Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture. I almost cried.
[my note: these are places that suffered the most devastation from the earthquake/tsunami.]
Until then, I had been doing things with the image of ‘for myself’ (t/n. and not 'for the disaster victims’), but after I read those letters, I felt that I was not in the position of giving support but it was the opposite, I was the one who was being supported. From then on, something inside me changed.”

March 2012, Hanyu faced his 1st World Championships at a young age of 17.  It was a competition that became a turning point for him.

–my partial translation from his new autobiography ‘Aoi Honō II’ (please read about his thoughts before this point in time if you have not: my sharing from ‘Yuzuru Method’)
–I took the photos from my book (2nd page and prologue page) (I love that photo and also the little figures of Yuzu in training wear at the start of each scene/chapter.  He is in a different pose for each of the 15 scenes.^^)

translated by Angelic Yuzuru

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