sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2016

Yuzuru’s new CM for Tokyo Nishikawa ‘&Free’ pillow and comforter.

 Source: Angelic Yuzuru (yuzusorbet.tumblr.)

My rough translation from the website/video:

“Sleep is like eating, for the maintenance of our body, it is something very important. Since the time I was little, when I have trips or competitions, I would be very excited and could not sleep. I would get the feeling that I can’t move well or feel sleepy the next day. I have known this from young and so I place great importance on sleep.”

“When I am lying in a futon, I do image training, I listen to music and imagine myself skating; I do it like I am practising, I have the feeling of jumping and such in my head.”

“When I travel for competitions, there is jet lag, and often, I find it hard to fall asleep. To get good quality sleep, I try to make an environment that is easy to sleep. I do think about what is the best way for sleeping.”

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Source : nightwizardwatch.tumblr.

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