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P&G Requests/Questions for Yuzu, part 1 (28 Oct 2016)

P&G Requests/Questions for Yuzu, part 1 (28 Oct 2016)

During the off season, P&G asked fans to send in requests or questions for Yuzu and he will pick 3 to do or answer.  Here they are:

Q.1) You devote yourself to practice every day. Do you have a good way to change the mood/take a break?

Y: I am rather the type that can switch off and on very precisely. When I am not training, I am always relaxing! I treasure the things that I want to do then.

Q.2) You often travel around the world (for competitions). Is there a country that you want to visit for a private trip?

Y: Because I am currently living in this way (training in Toronto), there is no foreign country that I want to go to. If anything, I just want to be living comfortably in Japan!

Q.3) Living in Toronto, what is it that you feel is really different from living in Japan?

Y: In my case, because I am very conscious of the fact that I am in Toronto for skating, I feel that it is an environment where I can focus on skating. Besides that, the taste of foodstuff is a bit different from Japan. That is why I sometimes think, ahh I want to eat Japan’s rice.

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Y: Toronto is clean and safe, and is a nice place to live in. Although it is a big city, there is a lot of nature, which is one thing that I like.

Translated by yuzusorbet.tumblr.com
Source: P&G myrepi

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