terça-feira, 21 de março de 2017

Yuzuru Hanyu - GALA (EX) - 4CC - 2017

[FANCAM] Cute Yuzuru Hanyu during photo time 

Yuzuru Hanyu-20170219 4CC Gala Finale [Fan cam]  

Gala - Notte Stellata "SWAN" - 
[Fan cam]

Source photos: troublemakerstorm.tumblr., icedreamland.tumblr, aliajackson.tumblr.com.,  allyuzurustuf.tumblr, seobiiiiieluv.tumblr, sanspo.com,lilgoldiva.tumblr., yuzu-ice.tumblr,
Source Videos: Layla Hong, onlykismet, 

Source Gif: iguana012.tumblr.


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Jo Souza disse...

It must be very difficult for all involved in this logistics of competitions, are many different cultures and customs involved. Many people coming from around the world, not to mention that some of the competitors are still very young.
And with the madness that the world is today, there is still the question of the safety of all.
Thank you for visiting the blog.

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