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Noticias sobre Yuzuru.

Interview with ANA manager, Ms Shirota.  From skating magazine 「フィギュアスケート日本代表メモリアル」. 

It is actually 5 pages long and a Japanese fan picked out some points in her blog. I have translated her summary.
(Note: interview was probably done around mid-June)

Yuzuru Hanyu’s current situation:

For the treatment and rehabilitation of his left foot, it has changed to the form of healing while practising; on-ice practice started in early June.
“45 minutes skate, 10 minutes rest”, he is slowly returning in this way.
He showed some worry that he “might not make it in time (for the start of season)”, but if the state of his injury becomes well, he will get back to form.

If it progresses smoothly, he may go for a competition somewhere before GP series, however, he is also prepared that it is fine to rest this season.
“Let’s spend the pre-Olympic season cautiously,” I talked about this with him.

= omitted parts about last season=

New season, competition programmes

After a mention of Javier, Boyang, Patrick and Shoma.
Now, Hanyu has to prepare programmes that will win competitors like these.

I cannot announce the name of the programme yet, but it has the opinion that “last season it was a quiet piano piece, so this time it may be better to have a complete change?”, the SP including the costume will be very interesting I think.
It seems to be a work where a new him can be seen.
The music gives a similar impression as his past programme ‘Hello I Love You’ and incorporates a lot of upper body movements.

For the free programme, starting from music selection, now it is in a good state. Including the layout, it has taken good form.

The exhibition is choreographed by David Wilson.  It will become a great show number and I am looking forward to its debut.

In anticipation of PyeongChang Olympics

For men, talk of 'quads’ is now becoming 'types of quads’. It fuels his competitive spirit, but the biggest enemy is injury, and so I don’t want him to do anything unreasonable.

In anticipation of the Olympics, the competition that is seen as important this season is 4CC in PyeongChang. The venue is at the same rink and the competition schedule is also similar. Hanyu is a skater with acute sensitivity, and thus I can say that it is very meaningful to have a feel of the atmosphere and ice quality of the venue, and also the climate of the place.
Because it is a pre-Olympic competition, he himself also says “let’s keep looking at it’ and wants to put in the effort.

–Original Japanese summary by fan: (pix are from internet, not from the magazine)

translated by Angelic Yuzuru

As redes sociais estão em polvorosa em consequência de pequenas noticias sobre Yuzuru Hanyu que estão surgindo aqui e ali.
Como vocês leram na entrevista acima, que como sempre  foi  gentilmente resumida e traduzida pelos fãs de Yuzuru, ele está se recuperando e voltando a patinar aos poucos.
Quanto a noticia sobre seus programas a entrevista vai de encontro aos  boatos que mencionam um SP emocionante  e agitado nos moldes de !"Helo, I Love You".
O que vocês acham disso?!?
Eu estou curiosíssima e com a imaginação a mil.

Para nos lembrarmos e aguçar mais a nossa imaginação.

Hello, I Love You.

Source photos:   fenice.forumcommunity, @nipponnews,

Source video: figure skating 2014

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