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Yuzuru Hanyu in 24HTV (I)

Brief translation of parts with Yuzuru in 24HrTV last night (27 Aug 2016).

160827 24hTVまとめ por yuzu2016

Suzue-san (lady in rink): We are in Saitama Ice Arena.  Hanyu-san, tonight you will be doing a collaboration with Kumamon and skaters from the disaster-affected areas of Kumamoto; what are your thoughts?

Yuzu: We have put our feelings into this. I hope it can be a chance (or trigger) for people to look ahead, even if it is just a little.

Male host in Budoukan: Hanyu-senshu, you yourself were in a quake 5 years ago. What are your feelings about the Kumamoto earthquake?

Yuzu: Yes, I was in Canada recovering from an injury (when the Kumamoto quake happened) and my heart was in pain. I had a similar experience and so I want to give some strength to them somehow.

Host: There are many children who are working hard for their skating in Kumamoto. What would you like to say to them?

Yuzu: I myself had a period of time when I could not skate this year, as well as that time after the earthquake. But let’s continue to have hope within us.

Another host (Imada-san): I have friends in Kumamoto and the situation there seems really hard. I do hope the people will get some strength/energy (genki) from your skating, Hanyu-kun.

Yuzu (looking a little teary to me):  Yes.

Suzue (in rink): Today, Kumamon will take on the challenge of his 1st ice show. Hanyu-san, you are looking forward to performing together?

Yuzu: Yes I am. He is very good, so please look forward to it.

Suzue: Kumamon, you are alright?

Kumamon gives a thumbs-up. Then he skates a bit and falls, and then looks very sorry, and Yuzu pats and comforts him. ^^
Suzue: He will be alright for the real thing!

[There is a section on past footage of Yuzuru talking about the March 2011 earthquake which has been shown and translated many times before. It is not included in this video]

Yuzuru’s collaboration with Kumamon and skaters from Kumamoto– When You Wish Upon A Star.

Live performance of White Legend by Yuzuru– This programme was the first performance Yuzu did after the Tohoku earthquake of March 2011.

Suzue: You have just finished skating, but can you please say a word to everyone?

Yuzu: There are many things that are really difficult now and it may get even worse but please try hard. Please have hope and continue to do your best!

–my brief translation; above video thanks to YzRIKO

For a longer video that includes past footage of Yuzu talking about the 2011 earthquake: here

translated by Angelic Yuzuru

Obrigada mais uma vez! 


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