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Yuzuru Hanyu - Akiko`s Room - NHK TROPHY 2016


Yuzuru Hanyu: Hello everyone~

Man: Have a seat please.

Akiko: Welcome to Akiko’s room!

Hanyu: It’s not my first time right?

Akiko: Yes, we did this last year. It’s our pleasure to have you here again.

Hanyu: My pleasure, too.

Man: First of all, congratulations for another championship!

Hanyu: Thank you very much.

Man: How do you feel now? After one night of rest?

Hanyu: To be honest, regret. (laugh) I want to be better, after all.

Akiko: You did the gesture (“mou chotto” = a bit more) yesterday, and the day before after the short program…

Hanyu: Just to clarify, I was not holding a snack, the purple thing. (laugh)

(t/n. Some fans thought that his purple SP costume looks like a snack by bourbon) (see fan-edited pic above, seems like he saw it too) ^^

Akiko: What do you think about the sign you gave us?  After one night of rest?

Hanyu:  When I do this (the “mou chotto” sign), I actually mean the length of equator. (laugh)
Akiko: That’s REALLY long! (laugh)

Hanyu: I really got a lot to work on.

Man: Did you get good sleep last night?

Hanyu: No, I was too excited to sleep. I probably slept about 3 hours and that’s all. I was sleeping right before this (interview), so sorry for not being energetic.

Akiko: Wake up! Please! (laugh)

Man: Now, let’s review Hanyu’s FS performance yesterday together, and he will do some explanation for us.

Akiko: It’s will be great if you can talk about this to us.

Hanyu: I was really nervous…(Man: Here comes the first 4Lo…)  That’s the “shuu” and the “pa” (laugh). The axis was way more bent than I thought, but I landed, so that’s alright. (About the 4S,) when I jumped up, I knew I nailed this one, it felt good.

Man: And then the next 4S…

Hanyu: Yes, I had the problem from before, and after that (fall) I realized there’s more to be done.  But the audience was yelling “gannbatte!” to me, and the claps, that really helped me with the next toeloop.

Man: What specifically is the thing when you said “there’s more to be done”?

Hanyu: There are tons of things to take care of, and how carefully I can deal with them is the most important task for me. I didn’t do well this time.

Akiko: Your first quad was done perfectly. What’s the difference between the 4S in the first half and in the second half?

Hanyu: For me, the difference is mental. My coach once said to me, “You can do the salchow with your eyes closed, and you can do the toeloop while picking your nose!” (laugh

Man: The expression “picking your nose” does not fit you at all, Hanyu-senshu. (laugh)

Hanyu: That is to say, I’ve got the confidence in my jumps, and the success rate (for 4S and 4T) is quite great, so the only task to conquer is the concept of ”the second half”.

Man: Suzuki-san (aka Akiko), he has 3 combination jumps in the second half.

Hanyu: Yes, when I started to put 3A in the second half, I was considering putting combination jumps, too. This time it was backfired, the recovery wasn’t that I was hoping, but as the problems and tasks comes out (so that I can solve them), I am happy that I gave it a try.

Man: This year at the NHK trophy, you scored above 300 points again. Your programs are amazing.

(Hanyu:Thanks a lot.) Before the SP, there was something exciting that happened..… It’s not about the program itself, but the 6 minute warm-up before that.
(the screen shows when Yuzuru took off his jacket and the crowd was surprised by his purple costume)

Hanyu: I was so nervous…

Man: Eh? You mean about taking off the jacket?

Hanyu: Yes, I was really nervous.

Man: What do you think of the reaction from the audience?

Hanyu: I got that serious face because of my nervousness, but I was actually very happy inside (laugh). It’s like, “Look, I changed it!”

Man: Suzuki-san, we reporters were not told, right?

Akiko: Yes, at first I was like “he’s not in white pants?” when he came out for practice. And then he took off the jacket, and I was as surprised as the audience.

Hanyu: The white version made my movements hard to see, and many people told me that, including Jeffery Buttle (Yuzuru’s choreographer). Also, the white one you can see through the lining, and that’s another problem. So after some discussion, we made it purple. We might change it further, because we want to give more of the live feeling.

Man:  The outfit attracted a lot of attention and the program itself is really difficult…

Hanyu: Yes, it’s quite uncommon to put all the edge jumps in SP.
Akiko :You mean loop, salchow and axel…

Hanyu: As my belief or my pride, I am trying to jump all salchows along the short side of the rink, because edge jumps are usually executed along the long side of the rink, I mean through a curve. But in my case, I have decided to jump salchows along the similar path as toeloops. **

Man: Not like pre-competition interview, we’re talking about quite different things here (in this interview).

Akiko: Yes, and we’re all excited to watch the next program (the GALA program).

Hanyu: Please look forward to it.

Man: And, the topic of Akiko’s room this time, although you might not have a lot of rest time (Hanyu: No worries, I got some sleep right before this!), is “How I spend my off-day time”. Let’s see your answer.

Hanyu: (shows the board) Sleep until noon, and play video games until midnight. It’s great. (laugh)

Man: That’s a good way to relax I guess?

Hanyu: Maybe sleeping until noon is common, but it’s not good to play video games until midnight.

Akiko: You play video games until midnight, but you have to practise the next day, right?

Hanyu: Of course.

Akiko: Can you concentrate?

Hanyu: I can easily play till 4am. (laugh)

Akiko: That is morning! (laugh)

Hanyu: Yes, it’s dawn.

Man: So in order, it’s like “play video games until midnight, and then sleep until noon”, right?

Hanyu: Yes, that happens too, of course.

Man: They really need that on and off in order to relax.

Akiko: I think so, too.

Hanyu: That’s the only comment I can give. Sorry about that. (laugh)

Man:Talking about concentration…

Akiko: I often see the exciting Yuzuru when he was preparing for the competition, like singing and jumping up and down…

Hanyu: I was not singing.

Akiko: Lip-synching?

Hanyu: Lip-synching, yes. Not bothering anyone.(laugh)

Man: What kind of music do you listen to at that time?

Hanyu: For example, ONE OK ROCK and BUMP OF CHICKEN and others.  (t/n. both are Japanese rock bands)

Akiko: Usually fast songs?

Hanyu: Yes, because I’m usually very nervous at that time…(screen shows Yuzuru lip-synching) Here I think I was singing Butterfly by Koji Wada, from Digimon. (FYI: theme song to the Digimon Adventure anime )

Man: Do you decide the song according to the competition of that day?

Hanyu: Actually I’ve got a playlist for warming-up time and I put it on shuffle.

Akiko: A playlist! So they are songs that make you high…

Hanyu: There are about 60 songs in it, so it’s random and I myself don’t really know what song will be next.

Man: So there are really many ways to prepare. We have entered the 2nd half of the season, and the Pyeongchang Olympics is getting closer, how do you feel now?

Hanyu: hmm…. Pyeongchang Olympics does not feel like reality to me yet. I just want to do carefully the competitions one by one in this season. But for the Olympics, I am now working hard, like putting 4 quads in one program. It’s not complete yet. I can do it in practice but I’m working on doing it in competition with consistency. I will continue to work towards the Olympics.

Akiko: It’s really a pleasure to watch someone like Hanyu-senshu to keep growing, keep improving. (Hanyu:Thanks a lot.) Please keep working, we’ll all be watching and cheering for you!

Hanyu: I will, thank you so much.

Man: And please come to Akiko’s room again.

Hanyu: Of course. I’ll try to keep my score good enough to be invited (laugh)

Man: Thank you for your time.

Hanyu: Thank you very much!

161127 昼まで寝る! por madoden

Translated by Yoku Lin and edited by yuzusorbet.tumblr. (with thanks to Sophie Moroi for her help) in YHIFG

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