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Interview after NHK Trophy 2016 with Yuzuru Hanyu, Keiji Tanaka and Satoko Miyahara.


(alternative video HERE)

Interviewer: Congratulations on your consecutive victory for the NHK Trophy.
Yuzu: Thank you
I: As expected of the absolute champion, you were really strong.
Y: No, I’m not there yet… I still have a lot to do.
(Review of NHK Trophy)
(Introduction of Nobunari Oda)
Nobu: Congratulations all of you! So today we have Satton (Satoko), Yuzu, and Keiji.   Hey, stop being so stiff, smile!

N: So our first topic… The new generation of quads. So first I noticed Hanyu-senshu’s 4Lo. You tried one in the SP and FS, how did they each feel?
Y: In the SP, the axis bent so I felt like I was close but I didn’t make it. In the FS, I somehow managed, and I was able to make it flow after.
N: Has the feel become better from the other competitions?
Y: Yes, the consistency in practice has of course gone up, but I was ready to do it in the real thing, in a environment with nervousness.
N: In a press conference I remember you saying “I will do it with a shuu and land it with a paa. It feels like that, and I’m just like this.”
Y: Yes (awkward)
N: Can you explain that more detailed?
Y: Well shuu… and paa. (2:52) (Points at the screen) That’s the paa.
N: So with a shuu you can do a quad… The shuu is when you go onto the edge?
Y: No, it’s when I jump.
N: And when you land it’s paa?
Y: Yes, I mean don’t you get it?
N: No no.. we had this conversation before but I don’t get it.  Satoko, do you get it?
Satoko: Mmh… I think I kinda understand.
N: Oh! We have another genius here. What about you Keiji?
Keiji: I have no idea…

N: So compared to before I retired, there’s many skaters who can do quads and there are some who try out new ones. Does it concern you?
Y: It does but it stimulates me to do better. Sometimes it makes me think “I’m still doing easy jumps”
N: What easy!? Those aren’t easy…
Y: It gives me confidence to try new stuff.
N: And Keiji.. you tried 2 4S this time, although the first one you touched the ice. Are you planning on adding new kinds of quads?
K: Yes, to adapt with the new generation I want to do more (in each program) and add in terms of types too.
N: How about you, Yuzu? This season you added the 4Lo, but are you planning to add more?
Y: I’m not thinking about that now. I want to polish my skating with this organization I have right now. Towards next season, I’m just thinking I want to try out new things. In the end, it’s not about whether I can jump or not, it’s more about if I can add them to the song or not. If it’s about technique, I do have a certain confidence, so I want to try out little by little.
N: It (4Lo) was clean in your FS and there’s still many important competitions this season, I hope you can land them well.

N: So let’s go to another topic. The next topic is 巻き返し (comeback, catch-up).
(Part about Satoko– omitted)
N: What about you two? How do you change moods (from a unsatisfying SP to FS or a fall)?
Y: This time I fell in the second half of my FS and I fell on my first jump in my SP…  In that way, I usually try to forget. I concentrate on what’s next and I forget. When it goes well I even forget what I jumped. (laughs)
N: Yes me too… I forget what I did when I fall… (Yuzu laughing)

N:  So next topic, same year (same age). So Keiji and Yuzu are of same age. Keiji, what do you think of Hanyu-senshu?
K: We’ve been together since Novice level, and at Jr level he suddenly went to the top and became unreachable. So being able to skate at the same competition this time. I want to keep this feeling of competition from now on.
N: How do you feel about this Yuzu? You’ve been laughing half of the time he was talking.
Y: I was just simply happy. There’s this thing that we weren’t in the same category since I went to senior level quite fast. So now I’m like “oh you’re finally here”, and he reached the podium fast too.
N: What do you think about each other’s personality? Keiji, what do you think about Yuzu?
K: Sometimes he suddenly becomes high. (Yuzu laughing)
N: Can you tell us more about that?
K: There’s too much to talk about. (laughs)
N: Any episode? Like when he sees tasty snacks? (11:38 Yuzu doing a funny expression to Nobu)
K: No, it’s more like I can’t keep up to his mood. He’s too like happy and high sometimes. (Yuzu nodding)
N: Yuzu, do you know what he’s talking about?
Y: Yes I think I know what he’s talking about.
N: What about you Yuzu, what do you think of Keiji?
Y: He’s like patient. Sometimes I start talking too much about something but he will still be there listening and nodding. He accepts whatever I say. (laughs)
(Sorry I will skip a bit. But overall, Keiji said when he sees Yuzu succeed, it motivates him to do more. And they showed a video of Yuzu clapping after Keiji’s FS. And Yuzu said he was just purely happy for his friend even though he was nervous before his own turn.)

N: So finally, how do you feel about GPF? Any comments?
S: Before that, (she stands up) Yuzu kun, congratulations on your win today. (everyone laughed cause it was so sudden) I wanted to tell you properly because after my FS, I was watching men’s FS and I realized again how great you are and I want to work harder too.
Yuzu: I don’t know how to react when people tell me this face to face. (everyone laughed)
N: Your feelings about GPF?
Y: We will try our best together. I know people have been discussing about a 4th consecutive title but I want to give all I have to do a satisfying performance so that I can end with my best smile.

Yuzuru&Keiji&Satoko por hana02015

Source: yuzusorbet.tumblr

Translated by Karin Cheng in YHIFG

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