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Yuzuru Hanyu - Victory interview right after FS - NHK Trophy 2016


Q: Congratulations for the consecutive victories at the NHK cup.

Yuzuru Hanyu:  Thank you so much!

Q: When the result was announced, you looked relieved. How were you feeling?

YH: Yes, I was quite nervous today, and I wanted to do a revenge against yesterday’s performance. I barely managed to land the Loop, but I think I still have a long way… no, it’s not ‘still’… erm, yes, I do still have a lot to do, so I would like to make more efforts towards the next (competition).

Q: After the performance, you made a gesture that ‘it was so close’.

YH: Well, when rethinking in a cool head, it wasn’t that close at all. My SP was ‘so close’, though. I will come back after making more practice.

Q: You have a FS with 4 quads, which is a very challenging programme. How do you review your entire programme?

YH: It was my first time to fully rotate all 4 quads. Although I couldn’t add a triple (salchow) after the last 3A, having two 3As in the second half is quite exhausting physically. 3A is my weapon in terms of points and impression, so it was good in that sense.

Q: You had a new purple costume for the SP yesterday, and you changed some choreography for today’s FS. You have made several changes for this NHK Trophy; how do you look back the entire performances for the two days in total?

YH: In terms of jumps, there are lots to be improved, and in terms of today’s FS I could have done a lot better for spins and steps.
But more importantly, I was able to skate in very warm atmosphere as it is in Japan. I was able to see only the first rows during the SP,  but during the FS I was able to look at the audience in far seats. It was a good step forward for the future.

Q: This time, you participated in the competition with your Japanese cohorts, and Mr. Tanaka won the third place.

YH: Yes, I am truly happy.  But for Mr Hino, I am feeling ‘hey, come on!’ (laughter).

Q: Were you enjoying the competition with them?

YH: Yes, I was purely enjoying it.  I myself didn’t have any room in my heart before the FP, but I understood that Mr. Tanaka’s performance was excellent, based upon the audience reaction.  Probably Keiji (Tanaka) didn’t notice but I was able to clap my hands for him when he was leaving (the ice). So, in that sense, I might have matured a little bit (laughter).

Q: So, you scored higher than 300 points, and you are going to the GPF.  What are you aiming at? 

YH: I am indeed so relieved to be able to go to the Final, and I am glad that I managed to go beyond 300 points here in Japan again. I would like to make sure to prepare myself well and make efforts aiming at a good performance at the Final, too.

Q: Please give a message to the fans in Japan and in Sapporo.

YH: Thank you so much (for all your cheering) today. I performed the SP as if I became a rockstar myself, thank you, and for the FP, I was able to feel the joy of skating in front of all of you. Thank you so much. I will continue doing my best, so please keep cheering for me. Thank you!

Source: yuzusorbet.tumblr

Translated by Karin Cheng in YHIFG

Source  Vídeo: figure skating 2014

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