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Yuzuru x Monkey Majik, Together On Ice 2014

Hanyu Yuzuru ThaiFan

My rough translation of interview (from 5:44):

Y: I have always wanted very much to perform ‘Change’ with Monkey Majik and it was very frustrating trying to get that chance. So finally, we could do it now in this Sendai rink, it feels like all our frustrations have exploded and we are speeding away…..

MM: Yes it was so enjoyable!
At that time, we really wanted to perform together. So it’s like a miracle now, to finally do this with Hanyu-senshu.

Q: What is it like to collaborate with Hanyu-senshu?
MM: –It’s the best! To perform with his live skating, the air/feeling/mood is totally different!
–We got more and more excited, with the audience clapping along, and the tempo went faster and faster.

Y: Yes, it got faster and faster and my legs tripped up! (laughter) It was so fast!

MM: –We were fascinated by your performance. Fascinated. It was so beautiful.
– Yes, and there were dangerous parts. When we watch your skating too much, we forget the lyrics!

Y: Oh you must not forget the rap part!!! (laughter)

MM: Hanyu-senshu is very serious (in doing the performance well). Very cool.

(Hugs and applause)

**I love TOI so much. Thanks to a friend for sharing an old video.

Translated by yuzusorbet.tumblr.

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