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My sharing of bits from Aoi Hono II


 My sharing of bits from Aoi Hono II

Scene 5~ Scene 8 are on 2013 off-season and Olympic season 2013-2014)

End of Scene 8:
2014 March 30, World Championships Exhibition. That performance concluded the first Olympic season for Yuzuru Hanyu.

(The ex was RJ1:
(At the end of the performance, he said “owatta” meaning ‘ended’ or ‘finished’.)

Looking back at that first half of being 18 years old and 2nd half of being 19 years old, Grand Prix Final, Japanese Championships, Sochi Olympics, World Championships, the gold medals of all these big competitions were in his hands.

Scene 9 ~2014 Off season~

(from interviews in April 2014)

2014 April, Hanyu performed in many ice shows in Japan. During the practice for one show, he tried the quad loop and succeeded.

“Loop, I jumped it! April 7, I have forgotten at what time, but I did it during the afternoon practice (for a show).**
I tried it once or twice during exhibition practice at Worlds in Osaka and I felt that it could be done.
Now, I am looking forward (to the period) from here on. Maybe the era will change. I think the rules also will surely change again. Furthermore, everyone made so many mistakes at the Olympics, I think all skaters will become stronger after this. The types of quads may increase, and I am really enjoying and looking forward to all sorts of things.”
–my translation

** My own note: The show is Superstars On Ice in Sapporo, on April 7th 2014. This video HERE is a collection of news clips on the event, only parts with Yuzu. It has snippets of his beautiful ‘Hana ni Nare’ and some short interviews. At 2:26, it also shows Yuzu trying a quad loop at the end of the show and he fell. (and his expression was so cute.)^^ (I remember watching this quad attempt 2 years ago when I was still a very new fan.) ^^
So it was in the afternoon before this show that he succeeded in landing it.

This video is a collection of his successful quad loops that we’ve seen til now.

 translated by Angelic Yuzuru

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